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"If you think you’re not tech-savvy enough to download a dating app, think again," Laurie Davis, founder of e Flirt Expert and author of Love At First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating (releasing in February by Simon & Schuster) tells Mashable."In today’s apped-up, textaholic society, exploration means downloading apps, not just checking out a new You Tube video." Enter spur-of-the-moment dating.

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Sania has also signed for a cameo role in the upcoming untitled movie of Ram Charan Teja.Men are only slightly more likely to cheat: 55% of all marriages that end as the result of adultery is because the man cheated.A survey done in 2004 found that 93% of divorce cases were petitioned by women, very few of which were contested.Zheng), Tokyo [Pan Pacific], Beijing (both w/Black); 2012 - Pattaya City (w/An.Rodionova), Brussels (w/Mattek-Sands); 2011 - Indian Wells, Charleston (both w/Vesnina), College Park (w/Shvedova); 2010 - Guangzhou (w/Gallovits-Hall); 2009 - Ponte Vedra Beach (w/Chuang); 2007 - Fès (w/King), Cincinnati (w/Mattek-Sands), Stanford (w/Peer), New Haven (w/Santangelo); 2006 - Bangalore, Kolkata (both w/Huber); 2004 - Hyderabad (w/Huber)Golovin); QF twice at Dubai and Cincinnati; reached 4r once (US Open), 3r twice (incl.Congregations, he says, "are tired about the old message that sex is bad and nasty, but save it for the one you love." Weiss was a featured speaker in June at the annual Smarter Families conference staged by six theological schools at Trinity Western University, a private Christian university in B.

The conferences are billed as a way to "strengthen the institution of traditional marriage, to reduce the prevalence of divorce in our churches and communities." Or, as Weiss puts it: "If you're going to have sex, you might as well have good sex." Make love with the lights on, he advised conference goers.

Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) orders may potentially be abused in this way.

Gag orders are sometimes used in an attempt to assure a fair trial by preventing prejudicial pre-trial publicity, although their use for this purpose is controversial since they are a potentially unconstitutional prior restraint that can lead to the press's using less reliable sources such as off-the-record statements and second- or third-hand accounts.

§ 5318(g)(2); the Housing and Community Development Act of 1992 / Annunzio-Wylie Anti-Money Laundering Act, Pub.

The trials of Guantanamo Bay suspects have also been subjected to a gag order, which has hindered public scrutiny.

Apparently, actor Arjun Kapoor has become the latest chick magnet of B-Town.