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While the NHS has taken major steps in recent years to improve how it responds to sepsis – actions that have saved nearly 1,000 lives – there is still more work to do to protect the many thousands who develop this dangerous condition each year.‘We need every part of our health system on the highest possible alert for sepsis, and this new plan will ensure more health professionals get the training, advice and targeted support to tackle this silent killer.’Figures this week showed that one in four NHS hospitals were failing to treat at least half of sepsis patients within the recommended time.NHS guidelines state that patients suspected of having the condition should be given antibiotics within an hour.

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They will be taught to look for symptoms of rapid breathing, a fast heart rate, raised temperature or a rash.The Mail has called for an overhaul of the diagnosis and treatment of the deadly condition since January 2016 in its End The Sepsis Scandal campaign.Mr Hunt said that although the NHS had made substantial advances in the past two years, there was still work to be done, adding: ‘We want the NHS to be the safest healthcare system in the world.‘Our ability to diagnose and treat sepsis effectively is a key litmus test of progress.Most of you probably think that I am crazy well you would be correct.I am utterly insane and enjoying every minute of it. Tells you the psychological problems I have and their severity.After he steals the scroll for Mizuki something strange happens when he opens it.

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Sir Bruce Keogh, national medical director for NHS England, said: ‘Sepsis is the body’s natural response to overwhelming infection.

It is treacherous because it can be difficult to diagnose in its early stages and difficult to treat if not diagnosed early.‘It is frightening for families and challenging for clinicians, so NHS England is supporting hospitals to make sure the right resources are in place to make it easier for clinicians to diagnose sepsis and treat it really quickly before it takes hold.’The guidelines will see pharmacists and care home staff being taught about sepsis symptoms as part of their mandatory training on first aid and resuscitation.

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