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Christian dating pal pen

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Anyway – see our comprehensive list of Christian friends and pen friends websites and Internet services below.

First be aware than 99% of interpersonal websites or friendfinder websites will ask you for a fee at some point – and they range from very reasonable to downright ripoffs…

well there are about 5 or six what we call proper penpals websites out there that might be of interest if your not just looking for love and romance online!

Have fun and don’t forget to make the first move in any friendship situation:) – General penpals & penfriends services – australian and global penfriends online service penpals – Christian Pen Pals services around the world find faith friends penfriends online for Christians worldwide – penpals website for Christians They say – Christians R Us – You have just entered the largest, most secure Christian penpal web sites on the internet.

This database includes christian pen pals from around the world, with a variety of ages, denominations and some include photos.

I have not had a penpal for years since I was a boy and today I felt like reaching out to see if anyone is interested in writing back. I love reading , discussing , trivia and quizzing , basketball , soccer , tennis and lots more. Youd think that thats a good thing ,but unfortunately, in certain situations, like funerals , you can see how it can be a problem. I also love pirates of the caribbean ,harry potter and game of thrones. Well, if were to describe myself I would say that i am a person lost in imagination. I am looking for a friend to talk to and share moments of my life.