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Dating a guy who brags about his conquests

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After all, honest, dirty, affectionate sexual energy between two people is a treasure. Just for the record: I am all for men and women talking about sex with each other in a mature, responsible, and giving way that promotes positive gender relations.

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I wish it wasn't so common- hearing men bragging to each other about who they scored with, or who's hitting them up. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. He talks about the future, even in the short term, but never follows through. If you are actually brave enough to confront him about his inconsistent relationship talk, he will look at you as though you are certifiable.(The Frisky) -- When it comes to sex, women talk too much and men talk too little. Women talk too much about sex with one another, and men talk about sex with one another just enough, which is to say, hardly at all.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I have no idea why anyone feels the need to share their conquests with friends, family or total strangers on a public forum. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Money, Power, Beautiful people, need for acceptance, etc. I would think it would tremendously lessen their possible dating partners if they want to chooses from friends of friends. It just makes me really wonder if there are any men who actually don't.

I also think some of the really narcissistic, superficial guys live for that kind of immature ego boost. The subject of said approval varies between the genders.

The Frisky: 13 reasons she doesn't want a second date But I'm old-school, and so are most dudes. Partly, a gentleman does that because, tactically, it's wise.

After all, women travel in flocks, like beautiful swans. But more importantly, a gentleman never kisses or tells because what happens between two people happens between them and only them.

Obviously, "brunch" is French for "..then he did what?

" I'm sure there are benefits to such acts of public trust between friends; no doubt, men can learn to be more articulate, brave even, when discussing their fears, hopes, and insecurities with one another.

And it's not an exclusive fear that you'll reveal our inadequacies, because even revelations of our sexual prowess are slightly disconcerting.