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Eye contact and dating

I decided that before I started trying to approach women I would make it my goal for a couple of weeks to just make eye contact and hold it until they looked away. After practicing eye contact for a couple of weeks and doing the whole mental exercise thing, I was at work one day working out after my break and was practicing my eye contact thing between sets with this really hot girl near the dumbbell rack.I knew she noticed but it never bothered me cause I had no intentions of acting.

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This combination made her feel a feeling that you can't create by DECIDING that you want it. Finally, I'd like to comment on the fact that SHE asked YOU for YOUR number.With out even thinking or pausing the words just came out. (Pause - and in a lower tone) I know this is probably a major accomplishment for you but to the rest a the world this is kinda normal so you might not want to go telling every stranger you see." Then I just walked off with my weights to do my sets.5 min later she comes over to me and apologizes and asks for my number. Your letter is really a wonderful affirmation and summary of some of my favorite concepts: 1) Read my book, "Double Your Dating" 2) Actually use the material and mentally rehearse 3) Start from where you are 4) Be Cocky & Funny 5) Show complete indifference 6) Use illogical Jedi-Level mind power to create ATTRACTION.You INSTANTLY took a situation that would normally strip a man of all his composure and personal power, and then REFRAMED her words in a way that caused HER to look like the socially inept one.Then you did something equally powerful: YOU WALKED AWAY.You realize that it's not typical for a woman to approach a man, apologize, and then ask for his number. She apologized, then told you that she's tired of being picked up by losers... This was, in effect, her telling you that she sees you DIFFERENTLY.

Women will often ask a man for his number just to get rid of him. All because of your eye contact, followed by a perfect execution of the Cocky and Funny attitude, followed by an excellent physical demonstration of indifference.

Better yet, don’t smile and look away from the camera.

This tip originated on the Ok Cupid’s Ok Trends blog in January 2010.

Well, I had to go over to get a set of dumbbells for my next exercise and as I got close to where she was she suddenly turned around and said "I have a boyfriend" and turned around.

Normally I would have kinda stood there in shock and said nothing but, I guess all that mental practice paid off.

***QUESTION*** Just wanted to share a little bit of what your lessons have done for me.