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Cella White made headlines in August as one of three women to front the 'no' vote ad campaign, sponsored by the Coalition for Marriage ahead of the postal vote.

The controversial TV ad saw all three women targeted online with racist taunts, death threats, images of gay porn and even pictures of suicides attempts saying they had 'blood on their hands'.

Ms White, a mother-of-four from Frankston, in Melbourne, told Daily Mail Australia that while she expected to come under fire, she wasn't prepared for her family to also be targets.

Ms White, who appeared in the ad with Heidi Mc Ivor and Dr Pansy Lai, said the abuse was 'relentless' and had even targeted her own mother.'I knew it was a touchy subject so I was well aware of the backlash to likely come my way by taking part in the ad, but it's hostile out there,' she said.'If their social media accounts are genuine, some of the bullies appear to be in the corporate arena.'Some are counsellors, some work in disability services and probably most alarming of all, some work in suicide crisis centres.'Ms White said the abuse would not deter her in any way from voicing her opinion on same-sex marriage.

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