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Ground rules for speed dating

If you are a golfer who loves to hit the driver, the last twenty years have brought you plenty of great news.Where drivers where once small-headed clubs made from wood, they are now 460cc monsters made from some of the most advanced metals in the world.

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Swinging a hollow metal-headed driver meant the overall weight of the club could be lower, which would instantly increase swing speed.Modern drivers are capable of sending the ball more than 300 yards in the air when in the correct hands – a distance that was considered impossible in the not-so-distant past.Of course, modern drivers are rather expensive due to the materials and engineering required to bring them to life, but most golfers are glad to pay the price if it means they can outdrive their playing partners on a regular basis.While you don’t necessarily need to know the entire history of the golf driver to appreciate what it can do for your game today, it might be helpful to at least have a basic understanding of the development of this popular club.Drivers have only come to look like the metal monsters that they are within the last 20 years or so – prior to that, drivers had a subtler, more natural appearance.Rarely will you find a golfer who would prefer to hit a fairway wood or long iron off the tee.

If there is one thing that golfers have in common across the board, it is a passion for teeing it high and letting it fly.

Most of the early golf drivers had small heads made from persimmon wood.

Why did they use such small heads on the early drivers?

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At the same time, the heads could be made bigger thanks to the weight savings.