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The feeling is there, the characters know it, the audience knows it, so it has to be left at that. It's clearly the highlight of Bill Murray's career and marks the perfect first real stand-out in Scarlett Johanson's.

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A friend said introverts will love this movie, extraverts will hate it. This movie is all about the inner lives of two people whose souls connect for a brief time in an alien city. In an age where half the movies out there are packed with CGI, this is refreshing to see.After their long night out performing karaoke with Charlie and his friends, Bob and Charlotte's taxi can be seen crossing the Rainbow Bridge heading east towards Odaiba. This is a pretty far detour from their hotel in Shinjuku.He has an unsatisfying home life where his wife Lydia follows him wherever he goes - in the form of messages and faxes - for him to deal with the minutiae of their everyday lives, while she stays at home to look after their kids.Staying at the same upscale hotel is fellow American, twenty-something recent Yale Philosophy graduate Charlotte, her husband John, an entertainment still photographer, who is on assignment in Japan.It is a love affair not of bodies, but of minds and spirits.

The nervous system is the part of an animal's body that coordinates its actions and transmits signals to and from different parts of its body.

And really, the only explanation for this is a brief scene at a strip joint that shows some nudity.

I really look down on that R rating because Lost In Translation is a good-hearted film that should be enjoyed by all ages.

Both of them have a life crisis to deal with, and I guess if you're thousands and thousands of miles away from your problems it makes it easier to take an objective look at them, even if they do follow you.

Bob and Charlotte confide in each other and develop a relationship.

On that level alone, with its mute longing and sexual tension, I can identify with him.