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Japanese dating culture lover

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At one point, anyway Now with a reduced profile My Challenges for Writers; from my earliest days to modern.

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I really don't know much either beyond a wiki glance Long ago, the God Ra held the power to rule all.However, you can't just go at it quickly, you need to plan things out first.For example, you can decide what replaces what, similar to the following Ichigo; Follow the path of the Soul Reaper to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Tatsuki, Orohime, Uryu, Ichigo; Gear Obtained; Don Suit, Chad suit , Shinigami Robes , Quincy Robes, Hollow Armor, Captain Shinigami Robes Percy; Follow the path of the Gods to defeat Fuse; Mission Handlers Grover, Chiron, Percy, Thalia.Naruto, desperate, agrees as demonic chakra is used to heal Hinata, who is turned into a Fox Hanyou with an older form (Recommend Shippuden) and becomes bonded to him, as he also gains a form.The fox, however attempted to use this opportunity to escape, but the power of love (See Mito's explanation of how to hold the fox back), interferes, causing the fox to not only be trapped in a Hanyou form around the age of Hinata's, but is also bound to Naruto with most of her power still inside of Naruto After this, the fox explains why it truly was trying to escape.TStage 5; Naruto's chakra become red all the time, cannine teeth remain permanetely elongated, a fox tail grows on him flesh and blood Stage 6; He becomes the Kyuubi proper (However retaining the ability to transform back to his original form)By chance, he happens to catch Inari and Tsunami being attacked, and saves them, learning of the attack on the bridge, goes to save them.

Saving his former team, begrudginely, he returns to Konoha, but what he doesn't realize is that his transformation also create strange pheromones waiving off him that affects females who are compatible with him.

I've seen a few stories like this, but they are all just lacking something if you ask me. Hence why I'm putting out this challenge You, the potential challenge taker, can create your own Fusionfall adventure.

But this time, you can make it different from the original one, by using new characters.

While in the woods, he ends up finding a ruined outpost of Uzziogakure, the Whirlpool village where the Uzumaki hail from.

Entering it, he discovers a scroll on clan sealings, the chakra trains, and a scroll of hidden techniques and researched projects never finished.

The compatibility follows in stages (your choice in timing like Naruto's)Stage 1; A strong affection/crush on him, a lack of interest in other guys (Think Hinata)Stage 2; Increase of chakra, intelligence and abilities, to a lesser extent than Naruto Stage 3; The females emotions become more violate, the female's begin to experinces "heat" periods Stage 4; The females eyes become red, fox ears replace their human ones Stage 5; A fox tail of flesh and blood grows, their chakra becomes permanetly red Stage 6; The female becomes a giant fox like the Kyubbi (Less tails, can return to human form)The females have to include at least Hinata, any other female is okay, as long as they aren't originally male (Haku is an exception) or a mother/married. Message me if you take it Naruto, after gaining his ninja rank, is attacked by a mob for some reason or another.