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In other words, of course, they want to know exactly where that teaching is found in the Bible because they adhere to what is spelled out and therefore only such teachings are retained by them.However, not every belief in Catholicism is to be found word-for-word in Sacred Scripture.

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But ultimately, could you hold down a relationship with this person?Think back to a past relationship with a Mr / Miss Unavailable: Maybe one of you talked about your problems or ideas more, and even played armchair psychologist.Maybe you were a Florence Nightingale trying to fix/heal/help/change them with an underlying desire and need to fill a void and be validated.“We have an amazing connection”, said so many people who are struggling to understand why they’re not experiencing deep, committed, loving, progressing, balanced, consistent relationships with the very people that they’re referring to. ”, said many a confused person who doesn’t share the common ground of the same perception and commitment to the relationship.All the mutual pain, admiration, shared experiences, attraction, hobbies, interests, orgasms etc., in the world, will not make a difference if when it all boils down to it, you don’t share core common values and are not copiloting a mutual relationship together.If you are not being authentic, so showing up as you and being emotionally honest in your own inner relationship never mind with your partner, you will have a lot of the hallmarks of an intimate relationship without the intimacy.

That means that you could love and care for a person, enjoy sex and other aspects of a relationship but fundamentally be afraid of the consequences of closeness – that fear that if you’re you, vulnerable and essentially emotionally available (willing to feel all of your feelings and be rooted in reality instead of ducking behind a wall and struggling with boundaries and commitment), that you will allow somebody to get close enough to you that it might hurt if they leave, disappoint, criticise, argue/fight with you, or reject you.

Maybe you also had trouble distinguishing between your respective feelings and behaviour.

Maybe you could talk about work, politics, the environment, your intelligence levels, or text morning, noon and night.

Had you taken to pussyfooting around the No Fly Zone topics?

Had you initially been able to open up but then subconsciously (or possibly quite consciously), taken a step back and closed up somewhat because of the lack of response you were getting or not wanting to rock the boat?

I’m also not alone in having felt a ‘connection’ to people because of what they ‘activated’ in me that reminded me of one or both of my parents or that tapped into old issues.