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Married dating black men

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12 Point Buck: I respectfully disagree– I think more and more men in the USA and in some parts of Europe ARE saying no to the idea of marriage. But I did want to point out this government census on marriage in the USA, which shows that the overall marriage rate is on a downward trend.Why this is happening is a whole different discussion, but I see the trend quite plainly. that men are usually the ones to propose marriage, I feel like this chart is decent evidence that there is a trend for guys choosing to not get married.

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So my question is – and I’m sure I’ll eventually write about this – are these men operating wholly independent of reality or do they (black men, etc) think this way because their primary counterpart of the opposite sex have demonstrated that this is of value to them as well?Because by doing so, they maximize the number of women who are attracted to them, giving the best possible conditions for finding an ideal wife.tldr; delaying marriage to obtain more life success = more and better options for selecting a wife.Now if this assumption is true for a particular woman, then what happens when she excels in life, and acquires a high level of money, social status, professional success, ambition, etc. If the original assumption still stands, then a lot of men will necessarily fall short in comparison to her accomplishments, and consequently will be less attractive in her eyes.Therefore, in a lot of ways, it would make sense for men to delay marriage until they get to this “high-value” level.I’ve selected certain excerpts from the 12-reply comment thread as follows: Wildflower: I don’t think men are saying no to the idea of marriage, a lot of them are not mentally or financially ready for the responsibility.

There are a lot of women who are marriage material but that doesn’t men that a man is gonna swoop down and put a ring on it just because she is ready.

I remember a white male friend of mine told me that his 33 year old sister was close to depression because she was not married. I was shocked to hear ole girl was 2 seconds away from popping anxiety medicine but we live in two different worlds when it comes to our expectations on marriage. For example I used to work in a call center and there were dozens of pretty women above thirty that was looking to finally settle down and I met some guys in that age group that had their stuff together and they wasn’t thinking about marriage.

The ratio was too good for the men that they wanted to just have fun.

So this is not a trend that just started today, this has been an ongoing issue.

I highlight this comment thread for a number of reasons.

Every time I visit a church, I make it my business to see if the pastor is married or not– and in my 30 years I’ve only seen one that was single. Because within the church having a wife is smiled upon.