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New girl s3e4 online dating

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In an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, Schmidt warns Jess, "You're going to get eaten alive on Dice." Alas, Schmidt will agree to be Jess' Dice Yoda and guide her through many weirdos, he will!

In an exclusive sneak peek at the episode, Schmidt warns Jess, "You're going to get eaten alive on Dice. Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? New Girl Sneak Peek: Yes, Jess Day is joining to try a dating app and the results are just as hilariously awkward as you'd imagine.Jess tries to ignore her feelings for her colleague. We’re not selling lubricant." Synopsis: Schmidt forces the gang to search for a spider he spots in the loft. Jess mistakenly thinks that Cece has feelings for Nick.Best line: "Hey, do you think a good subject line is: the inside of you? " Synopsis: Nick and Schmidt rent out the loft as a bed and breakfast to help fund Schmidt’s impending bachelor party. Best line: "Don’t refer to it as a “hallway.” Yuck." Synopsis: After Jess and Cece destroy the wedding gift Schmidt’s mom sent, they must attempt to exchange it at the store while high.We also get a sneak peek at one particularly horrible date....during which her suitor attempts to pull a hat out of a rabbit. cast spends Tuesday's episode on a cannabis-fueled escapade, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) makes her next big move back into the dating pool with some help from Schmidt (Max Greenfield)."He gives her signals or excuses on how she can escape a date," he teases.

Cue Jess using a hilarious excuse: "I have an acquaintance who's in jeopardy," she says, before just walking off.

Following his cues with the dating app Dice — a seemingly more intense version of Tinder — she proceeds to go on a rapid-fire round of dates with a few undesirable gentlemen.

"We just thought it would be really fun to have Jess really getting in over her head," says Matt Fusfeld, who co-wrote the episode with Alex Cuthbertson, in the below clip.

Best line: "I'm having a party tonight and I can't have him lying on the couch, wiping his tears with deli meat." Synopsis: Coach starts working at Jess’ school as a volleyball coach.

Nick and Winston pose as Schmidt’s attorneys in an effort to aid his deposition.

Synopsis: While attending Schmidt’s holiday party – where he’s forced to dress as “Sexy Santa” – Nicki finds himself in the middle of a miscommunication between Jess and her boyfriend Paul. Nick attempts to grow tomatoes on the roof of their building as a new beginning.