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The Dog had jumped up on her from behind and had her pinned under the table and started humping her.

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I went outside and realized that the sight had turned me on and I was starting to get a hardon too.The dog kept very close to us and kept coming over for a scratch on the head or a good pat.He ended up snuggling up with his head in her lap and laying on the couch.We settled down for a nice relaxing drink after supper.The cabin is pretty simple with a bedroom and a large area that acts as a kitchen/living room.We could see that it had rolled under this wicker coffee table that was large and heavy.

Having to relieve myself I headed outside and she got down on her hands and knees to get her earring. As I came running in the door, there was my wife on her knees with her head and arms tangled under the wicker table.

We decided to make ready for bed and have a good sex session before we went to sleep.

I had to go outside for a piss and then my wife realized that her earring came off when she jumped up.

The washroom is located outside however there is a shower facility inside by filling a large pail that is pumped into the shower.

We had changed into our nightclothes, I had just my sorts and a tee shirt on while my wife had her nightie on.

As I looked at the dog, I couldn't believe how big his cock had grown, it must have been a good ten inches long and really thick, his balls hung down like two tennis balls and I was amazed by the site of his.