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Prevent msn updating

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As a result of this change, the usage of nofollow leads to evaporation of pagerank of outgoing normal links as they started counting total links while calculating page rank.The new system divides page rank by total number of out going links irrespective of nofollow or follow links, but passes the page rank only through follow or normal links.

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It was launched in its current form on July 31, 2012, with support for sharing content to other social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. After a controversial 2010 redesign and the departure of co-founders Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, in July 2012 Digg was sold in three parts: the Digg brand, website and technology were sold to the current owner, Betaworks, for an estimated $500,000; 15 staff were transferred to the Washington Post In September 2016, Digg announced that it would begin a data partnership with Gannett.Cutts explained that if a page has 5 normal links and 5 nofollow out going links, the page rank will be divided by 10 links and one share is passed by 5 normal default (often with no option to disable it, except for modification of the software's code).The growth of the link buying economy, where companies' entire business models are based on paid links that affect search engine rankings, attribute to control the flow of Page Rank within a website, but Google has since corrected this error, and any link with a nofollow attribute decreases the Page Rank that the page can pass on. This is an entirely different use than originally intended. Several SEOs have suggested that pages such as "About Us", "Terms of Service", "Contact Us", and "Privacy Policy" pages are not important enough to earn Page Rank, and so should have as support for using the technique, Cutts himself never actually endorsed the idea.Several Google employees (including Matt Cutts) have urged Webmasters not to focus on manipulating internal Page Rank.The end product was a series of wide-ranging, constantly updated lists of popular and trending content from around the Internet, aggregated by a social network.

Additions and improvements were made throughout the website's first years.

Other websites like Slashdot, with high user participation, add only for potentially misbehaving users.

Potential spammers posing as users can be determined through various heuristics like age of registered account and other factors.

This functionality was used on pages that are not considered to be part of the actual encyclopedia, such as discussion pages, user pages and resources for editors.

However, the various interwiki templates and shortcuts that link to other Wikimedia Foundation projects and many external wikis such as Wikia are not affected by this policy.

The site's main function was to let users discover, share and recommend web content.