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Sedating dogs for travel

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Snake bites are also common in rural areas, do your research, know the symptoms and make sure you know the local vet's contact details.Spontaneity and family emergencies aside, most of us wouldn’t take a trip without planning some things ahead of time.

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Make sure any pet carrier you intend to use for flying meets the standards approved by your airline.Our veterinary service means that we can fulfil all quarantine requirements before you go, we can also put you in touch with reputable pet transport agencies who will make sure your pet arrives at its destination safely.: Do you have a plan in case your pet gets sick while you are travelling?Ultimately, if you suspect your pet's stress during travel overrides any benefits, there are many excellent local boarding and pet-sitting services that may be a better solution.If you plan to travel with your pet, let us know ahead of time.It's always a good idea to request a repeat prescription in case medications are lost or run out whilst on the road. Locating proper accommodations ahead of time and being clear about fees (some places charge an extra fee for pets) can help minimise anxiety when you arrive. might know how you got them there, but it would be wrong to assume your cat or dog knows the way home! If not, make sure you have us implant one before you take your pet travelling.

Microchipping provides a safe, reliable means of lifetime identification anywhere in Australia.

For travel to Tasmania, ensure your dog has been recently treated for hydatid tapeworm, otherwise risk a fine!

We can administer the appropriate worming products and necessary certification before you go.

Giving a tranquilliser to your pet before travelling has pros and cons.

Sedation can have side effects, including lowering body temperature (which could be an issue if your pet is flying in the cargo area of a plane), and causing hypotension (low blood pressure), your pet may not eat and drink normally if sedated therefore leading to dehydration and other problems.

Taking your pet out of the city may mean they encounter health risks you're not used to looking out for.