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Archeological vestiges point to the existence of workshops, warehouses and shops in the area. Remus Opreanu Soaring 26 feet, this lighthouse was built in 1860 by the Danubius and Black Sea Company to honor Genoese merchants who established a flourishing sea trade community here in the 13th century. Regina Elisabeta 2 Tel: 0241 617.416 During the 1914 visit to Romania of the Russian Imperial Family, the casino was host to a royal gala.Remains of the Roman public baths can still be seen nearby. Despite the intended arrangement, Grand Duchess Olga refused the proposed marriage to Prince Carol II of Romania and the Russians sailed away.

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Completed in 1910, according to the plans of architects, Daniel Renard and Petre Antonescu, Constanta Casino is a stunning art nouveau structure, with Art-Deco accents, perched on a cliffside overlooking the Black Sea.While in the area, you can visit traditional villages, vineyards, ancient monuments and the Danube Delta, a bird-lover's paradise.Constanta is more than just the entry point to the Black Sea coast.The pedestrian area around the Casino is the city's most popular promenade.The casino has been closed since 1990 and needs major restoration works. Nicolae Titulescu 9 Blending pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles, this late 19th century building features four columns adorned with imposing sculptured lions.Once considered Romania's very own Monte Carlo, Constanta Casino is today ... During the 1930s, its elegant salons hosted the Constanta Masonic Lodge. Ferdinand The park houses columns and fragments of 3rd and 4th century buildings and a 6th century tower.

Address: Strada Arhiepiscopiei 25Tel: 0241 611.408 Constructed in Greco-Roman style between 18, the church was severely damaged during WWII and was restored in 1951.

Between Mamaia and Constanta, you can stroll through amusement park, featuring rides, a bowling alley, an open-air bazaar and several restaurants.

At times crowded, the park is a local come-together with a charm of its own.

Woven at the Hereche Handicraft Centre in Turkey, it is one of the largest carpets in Europe, weighing 1,080 pounds. - 5 p.m.) Admission charge Muzeu Etno Some 16,000 exhibits from all ethnographic regions of Romania are on display here. Address: Piata Ovidiu 12 Tel: 0241 618.763 Open: May 1 through September 30: Mon. Two statues, one of the "Glykon - The Fantastic Snake," dating from the 3rd century BC, and the other of "Goddess Fortuna and Pontos," god of the Black Sea, are considered protectors of the city and port and are the highlights of the collection. Please note that this is not a hop on / off tour, tickets are valid for one boarding only, no matter the distance traveled. Day ticket (card): Adults: 4 lei (about $1.20) Children (up to 7 years old): free Route and stops: Constanta train Station will be on the same route.

The main attraction of the mosque is the 164-ft minaret (tower) which offers a stunning view of the old downtown and harbor. Folk costumes, jewelry, interiors of traditional peasant homes and household items illustrate the traditional way of life in various parts of the country. Additional information: [email protected]: 4 0241 831.321 The Romanian Black Sea coast is home to a wide range of summer resorts tailored to suit most tastes and ages, from small children to those seeking health-spa treatments.

Its architecture reflects Moorish style and the interior still preserves original Oriental ornaments. Here, you will have the opportunity to view the Black Sea and Constanta through the eyes of the artists who portrayed them. A swath of gold-sand beaches stretches from Constanta to the Bulgarian border, and visitors will encounter resorts named after mythological gods and goddesses, such as Eforie, Jupiter, Neptun, Olimp, Saturn, Venus and Mangalia.