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Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, spun a little faster this week after she told the national press club “I can say with absolute certainty that I will run for one of two offices, either my state Senate seat or the governor.” y The war between UT-Austin and the UT system regents got hotter this week after UT announced it will not fulfill an open records request by Regent Wallace Hall, who is currently under investigation by lawmakers and may face impeachment.UT Chief Financial Officer Kevin Hegarty cited concerns about how Hall handled documents under previous requests.

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Budget mavens will also notice increases overall in several departments, a few of which have gotten used to the chopping block in recent years. PH (512) 338-8866 SUNSET VALLEY 5601 Brodie in, PH (512) 892-5550 ;rr T **r VC 1 floydsba^rshopcoi CLOSEOUTS ADDED DAILY — — Fine Wine Spirits Twin O City Council is back to full-time work this week, with a Tuesday work session and a packed agen- da for today’s (Aug.y Travis County Commissioners voted 4-1 on Tuesday to provide nearly $1.8 million in funding next year for the Travis County District Attorney’s Office Public Integrity Unit. Rick Perry vetoed $7.5 million in biennial state funding for the PIU, which has statewide jurisdiction in some fraud cases, after D. Rosemary Lehmberg, popped for DWI in April, refused to resign her post. Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.The numbers were fairly close to the spring projections by the budget office, even a little better.The city continues steadily to rise out of the national reces- sion, and there should be money available for employee raises and to add back a few more programs or services made threadbare by cuts over the last few years.Slight prob- lem: If approved by the vot- ers, it will provide less than a quarter of the $4 billion annual shortfall that the Texas Department of Transportation projects it needs to just keep up with future urgent road repairs and construction.

It’s little secret that Texas roads are a mess, and it’s not just conges- tion. Tracy King, D-Batesville, offered a last min- ute amendment to SJR 1, prioritizing repaving roads rather than turning them into gravel tracks. Surely Texas, that gleaming corporate city on a hill, would never let real roads degenerate into dirt tracks?

It’s unsurprising, for exam- ple, to see a 4.5% bump ($12.7 million) in APD funding; but Parks and Recreation is also recom- mended for an 8.3% increase ($4.3 million, although much of that reflects assumption of ceme- tery maintenance), as is the Library Department.

(3.1%, $900,000) - not great, but at least not another reflexive cut.

5, the Lege voted out Senate Joint Res- olution 1 - a constitutional amendment that will head to voters for approval in November 2014.

It was a hard-wrangled compromise, which explains why it took lawmakers three special sessions, but at least it’s done.

Some of that flexibil- ity is reflected in the proposals presented to City Council Aug. As proposed (that is, subject to Council approval), the FY 2014 budget would include a 1.5% pay increase for police offi- cers as well as civilian employees (more on that below), as well as certain new programs initiated by Council’s midyear 2013 amend- ments: 24-hour hike-and-bike trails; addi- tional wildfire prevention, upgraded APD forensics; the new civilian civil-service BY MICHAEL ^ (W h OIN?