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Privacy was not a paramount concern to the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay Colony of the seventeenth century.

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Many felt that the punishment was too light, and it incited criticism of the NFL’s personal conduct policy on domestic violence.Editor's Note: Amidst the cascade of high-profile cases of domestic abuse in the recent past, it is easy to forget that, not too long ago, Americans didn't view domestic abuse as a problem worth talking about.Men battered women, but this happened in the privacy of home and within the intimate confines of marriage.Rice was indicted on third degree aggravated assault charges, to which he pled not guilty.He was accepted into a pretrial intervention program, which is rarely used in domestic assault cases, for first-time offenders that would clear him of all charges in six months.Despite the radical transformation in how we view domestic violence that has characterized recent years, the process has been anything but straightforward.

Among many hurdles, activists for years have struggled over where the boundaries of public and private are found in family life.

As a result, police and policymakers looked the other way and women were intimidated into silence.

Through the work of feminist activists, as historian Peggy Solic explains this month, something that was once considered acceptable and private has become unacceptable and public.

Read more from : Same-Sex Marriage; The Real Marriage Revolution; Women's Rights in Afghanistan; Women’s Struggles in Zimbabwe Listen more: Violence Against Women; Same-Sex Marriage; Abortion in Europe and America; Policing in America On February 15, 2014, NFL star Ray Rice and Janay Palmer, who were then engaged, were both arrested on assault charges in Atlantic City after getting into what Rice’s attorney then described as a “minor physical altercation” in an elevator.

A few days later, TMZ released a video showing Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the hotel elevator.

Feminist activists in the 1970s responded in two broad ways.