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Who is kim dating on real housewives of atlanta

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She asks him “When do you think the doors are going to open?” Peter tells her “Four months.” Cynthia asks him “Is this a sure opening and not a soft opening? After the contractor leaves Peter tells her “I follow you on social media.

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There is someone that I’m dating and his name is will.” Peter laughs and says “So your new boyfriend’s name is Willie huh? [2017-12-17, PM] Latrese Garner: Kandi and Todd are hanging out with the family and having a family day.You’re always so busy.” Kandi says “I sense some resentment there.” Riley says “You schedule stuff but then you have to cancel because of a work event.” Kandi promises her daughter that she is going to try and do better about keeping her commitments to spending time with her family. He tells them “I know that you don’t know me very well.” Kandi speaks up.Cynthia is surprised when there is a knock at her door and a driver tells her that he is there to pick her up. She says “You were on the Steve Harvey show for dating.” Will acknowledges that he was.They tell her “We just want to hear about your background and your dating history.” They ask her “What do you want to do differently now?” Porsha says “I want someone who wants a family and who is calm.In case you've been hiding under a rock, you probably already know season 10 will feature two of the original housewives, Ne Ne Leakes and Kim Zolciak.

But a new housewife made her debut to reality tv years ago thanks to Tyra Banks.

He hopes to be home by the end of the year.” Jack asks her “Are you worried? He’s the love of my life.” Jack then hits her with a sobering question.

will return to our television screens in November, and you may recognize one of the newest cast members from another popular reality show.

She tells him “My mom is staying with me and so I can only stay for 30 minutes.” The two exchange small talk and end up doing a Sake bomb. Sheree meets with her life coach Jack and tells him “I did have the conversation with the kids.” He asks her “How did that go?

” She tells him “I feel much lighter.” While they are talking Sheree gets a phone call from Tyrone.

The reason I didn’t call you was because the feds were coming and I didn’t want to involve you.” Sheree tells him “I understand and hearing you be honest makes me feel better about us.” When she steps back into the house she tells Jack “That was my boyfriend.