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Having a stingy partner is one of the most difficult challenges that any woman will have when it comes to financial aspects in a serious and long-term relationship.

Once he is done changing his work clothes then he may even start to pay attention to what you are talking and is also willing to help you in your daily chores.A lot of men are afraid of being grilled in front of their close friends or loved ones that's why they will not bring just anyone else around unless he considers you a very important person in his life.Making plans and scheduled dates to spend time with you more often is a good sign that you are truly his special someone.A good and healthy relationship takes two individuals to make it work.Your boyfriend or husband needs to let you feel the love and respect that you want to receive from him if he wants the relationship to last.This will depend upon each man's character and attitude too, so try to observe your boyfriend before actually taking the relationship into the next level.

Spending his money gladly on the things which you like that are also practical and necessary is another way of showing you that he loves you more than money itself.

Although some women want the things done alone most of the time especially if they see their partner very tired after doing a heavy work the whole day outside the house.anceling his friend's outing just to spend time with you is another sign that he truly enjoys your company and truly loves to be with you.

Generally, men who are willing to bring the relationship to the next level and is truly in love with a woman will bring her around to meet his close friends and family.

care about your family, relatives and close friends too, then you can tell that he also values and cares for the ones whom you love and care about.

This is also a positive sign that he is not selfish, although there's no guarantee that he will continue to be this way because "some" men will change after or later on especially after marrying the woman whom they say they love.

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